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Is Bitcoin Pro Program a SCAM or Good Crypto Currency Trading System?

Bitcoin PRO APP by James Robins claims we can make $1,300 to $3,700 per day out of a small investment. Based on James, this trading system's 93% accuracy is certainly going to help us be a millionaire. Much like the 1,147 Bitcoin Pro App Members who have already profited thousands per day from this trading system! Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Truthfully, I'd be interested in tools that are earning money online through trading.

However, my years of experience tells me that Bitcoin Pro App or James Robin is really a little too good to be genuine. And very often, things that sound too good to be true are scams! I am not saying online trading on cryptocurrency is a scam, let's be clear about this. It is the system or trading tool that promotes unrealistic benefit potential is quite want to become considered a waste of your money!

Hence I investigated the Bitcoin Pro App and found misleading details which are very different in reality in trading cryptocurrency! Take a look at my alarming findings from the following segment where I share our signs of falsehood and reasons to why Bitcoin Pro App is just a SCAM!

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Exactly why is Bitcoin Pro App a scam?

Now if you are wondering whether can you make thousands through internet trading from the small account of 250, yes you may! But definitely not within 1 day though! This means the percentage growth of your trading account daily is possible, say 10 percent to 20% return as a daily goal. I have to accomplish such results on some reliable tool.

Claims like Bitcoin Pro App of making their users in a year is really a strong scam sign. It is frequently seen in many of the scams I exposed in the past which accompanies much negative feedback from traders. Instead of experiencing an unrealistic 9 3% winning accuracy, I've received complaints that it performs at best 40% wins. Which is plainly not enough and could drain your trading account within a short time.

If you watch the entire presentation, did you notice something strange about James Robins, '' the alleged CEO of Bitcoin Pro App? The scam artist demonstrably used an voice narrator just to explain James's background and some technical details. Why would he want a voice narrator if he could have said it in person within the video?

The mystery about Bitcoin Guru App CEO, James Robin, became clear once I found that James is a performer in the actual world. Apparently, he is an actor that charges no less than 5 to read scripts for anybody in

So should we trust an actor in an advertising gimmick? Well, big companies may use actors within their adverts. However, in case of Bitcoin Guru App, this is actually a strong scam sign because the celebrity is supporting unrealistic claims!

Bogus Bitcoin Pro App Members & Results!

Apart from the above, I find the success story about 1,147 Bitcoin Pro Program members to become very suspicious. According to James that the liar, he developed Bitcoin Pro App for 3 years in 2013. Thus, bringing members since 20-16. However, in accordance with some site research, has only existed for a couple weeks since January 3rd, 2018.

So how can there be success stories of getting millions or even thousands daily when Bitcoin Guru App has only just come online? Definitely maybe not possible and also a fake service which scams typically use to pull traders!

Besides that, the Bitcoin Pro App Results we see the website doesn't make sense. Take a look at the segment where there is some losing crypto position that earns a benefit of few hundred. If everyone can make money from losing a trade everybody is a millionaire by now!

I saw this similar scam results in other fraud just like the Banking on Blockchain scam! The exact same fake results have been shown there as well! I strongly think that the Bitcoin Pro App scam members' testimonials are also fake with random names too.

There's no true demonstration from the presentation of genuine trade history. That's because the scam artist can't show their real losing money results. Have a look at my Trading Videos to get a typical example of real trade executions along with results!

Bitcoin Guru App Review Conclusion

I can safely conclude that Bitcoin Guru App is just a SCAM because of poor performance and ordinary scam factors on their website! There's nothing but misleading and phony details that attempts to deceive viewers to invest. Every thing in their dishonest presentation isn't reliable as a trading solution for you. Your money is better off investing elsewhere!

As far as trading cryptocurrency can no doubt earn you money right today. Since the price of crypto has been rising like a mad bull for past few months. But, investing in Bitcoin Guru App is just not just a reliable tool that you trade with!

If you're interested in trading cryptocurrency, then have a look at a sample of my trading video BELOW!

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