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Reevio is just a web-based software that allows one to easily make short high attention grabbing and grabbing videos for the advertising and marketing campaigns.

It comes with an enormous Media library of video elements using 250+ templates. You can choose out of Logos, Promos, Motion Text, Live Mockups, Slideshows, Whiteboard, or Explainer scenes.

All you have to do is to (re)arrange your scenes (2000+ video clip assets) the way you want, and also select/add your own elements as logo/watermark, images, audio, and text.)

How does Reevio work?

Select a Template. Choose among those 250+ templates. There are templates for different niches.
Edit your video and timeline. Select or rearrange your scene(s). For every single scene, select your image and/or video from the Media library (or upload your own), and change/enter the text fields.
Select your music and Hit Render.

Just await the representation, and you'll have your own HD video within minutes...

Other features of Reevio:

Thus, may be accessed in any browser or device you'll want.
Flexible Drag & Drop Editor with simple modular approach to determine length and sequence of your video.
Modular Scene Control (Fushion). Drag and drop scenes, rearrange, clone at the deadline to build your story. Dynamically trim length of scenes, add transitions and music.
250+ Templates (for different purposes and niches) using Preview feature and indication of duration, number of used images and text fields.
Huge Media Library with 2, 000+ movie assets, thousands of images/icons, and set of sound tracks.
Live Mockups. Upload your logo or content, choose your live mock up scene, and then push on the button.
Whiteboard Scenes. Easily create high-end engaging whiteboard videos.
Explainer & info-graphic scenes. Reevio comes with dozens of interchangeable scenes to choose from, whatever you have to do is add your text.
Animation & Motion Text.
Upload and use your networking as images, videos, logo/watermarks.
Full integration using YouZign 2.0.
Translation. Instantly convert your text from 6 different languages.

Unlimited Rendering.
Easy social sharing on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or every other media platform.

Watch this demonstration to see what sort of videos you can cause with Reevio...

Are there some shortcomings?

In comparison to sales pages from other video creation apps, I believe the vendor missed somehow the boat. I actually do miss out a obvious demo video including all the features (and showcase of all the Media elements).

That said, what you'll get inside your own app, was way more than I expected.

Some things to consider...

To receive the best results, uploaded logos and images should be of high quality (minimum full-hd 1080) and trimmed close into this logo. The program automatically resizes them to fit. Anything smaller could look pixelated!

Hence, you will dependable and need to wait for the video producing and hosting achieved by the seller. So, during peak hours (maybe) can take some extra time and energy to render the most videos.

Of course, you can always let the software do the complete and rendering another task by just opening another browser tab. So not just a real issue, however, just be prepared.

And the fantastic part, there are no rendering limitations!

In comparison to Dropmock Kinetic and Viddictive, Reevio has a lot more features...

As to build your story and set the length of your audio by selecting multiple scenes and transitions...

Plus more styling (whiteboard, explainer), placements (drag & drop editor), and animations features.

This is a huge advantage.

On the flip side, because you'll first need to select these options, also there are so many choices...

You'll probably spend additional hours for you to select your own preferences.

Hence, the actual "creation process" of your videos will soon be longer in comparison with all the 2 different tools.

But this type of De Luxe issue.

What's more, Reevio can not compete with an really advanced video creation tool as for example Camtasia. But, it's a whole lot easier to master and use. And it comes with the huge Media Library, that you could use to quickly and easily make professional videos in every kind of styles.

Finally, you can acquire access into this Reevio Users Facebook Group in which you could ask any question about the software or develop with new ideas. I discovered the support from the administrator Joel may possibly into this point and beneficial.

Why should you purchase Reevio?

Because with Reevio it is possible to easily make professional exceptionally engaging and high converting videos to social media and advertising purposes.

I love this app.

Of course, if you'll purchase the business license, then you can sell these videos for big bucks to your local clients or anyone interested in high quality attention grabbing videos (if you buy the front-end business License).


You may get access to the Reevio with Commercial Usage for $79.00 p/y.

Upsells and OTOs

There is just 1 upsell. Just once you've purchased that the main front-end product (the annual Commercial License), you're allowed to buy the Reevio 2.0 Lifetime License ($127.00). At this time that you do not need to pay for annually anymore, but still gain access to new Media (templates and scenes etc..) and updates.

Note: do not try be smart and just get the upsell. This won't work (along with owner will force one to get the primary front-end license first).

My Reevio bonus

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Of course if you can also choose the upsell, you can choose 2 extra products at no cost.

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